Are you tired of long days beind the chair with clients? 

I'm sharing the entire blueprint that I used to replace my behind the chair income and create a 6 figure business working part time, often in my pj's. 

If you love the idea of working from home, or anywhere with wifi and sharing your knwledge to help other professionals - this is the ultimate start here guide to starting your next chapter.


UPDATE: You can now buy the entire pre-recorded series and access all of the content immediately.

Leiah - Bloom University

"Maybe a week later I launched my first course. We sold out. We've done 2 since then and Bloom University has taken off!"


Amy McManus @CamouflageandBalayge 

Jen gave me a multitude of options and ideas to push forward and help me succeed in my being able to make education my primary path now. 

Chantel Channel - Suite Stylist Society

A one hour call with Jen turned into multiple calls of people reaching out for ME to coach THEM. It's completely transformed my business already. 

Tired of working with clients every day?

Would you like to create a stream of revenue that gives you freedom to work from anywhere you want, keeps running even if the world pauses, maybe even something you can create once and sell an infinite number of times - so you can make money while you sleep? If you're nodding your head, this is for YOU. 

Give me the Roadmap

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