Copy + Paste Scripts that save time, enforce boundaries, and keep you in control of your business.

How much time does it take you to craft the perfect announcement or response?

Do you want to communicate with your clients effectively & professionally while being firm and still kind?

Let me take that off your plate for you! 

Not only are these scripts professional, but they are designed to eliminate further questions and back and forth as much as possible by hitting all the necessary talking points at once - saving you time and stress.

60+ scripts that you can use as is or mix and match to create HUNDREDS of custom scripts for virtually any situation. 

New Location Announcement

Firing A Client

Price Increase After New Education

General Price Increase

General Price Increase conversation for a long time good client

Social Media Direct Message Replies

Dm auto responder

Email Auto responder

After Hours Requests

Tipping & Venmo

Shutting it down when people try to negotiate your prices

Family Drama (when friends and family want free hair)

+ Many More


Wait List 2.0 - a modern wait list alternative that will automate your waitlist and give you your time back

What People Are Saying:

I just wanted to say Thank You for your ebook. I've just started on my own after 23 years, frightened that I wouldn't make it. I feel so at ease that I will NEVER again lose sleep over "that client" who's coming in the next day that you can never please because I set my own boundaries now! And with your guidance with your ebook it's so bloody easy now!!!! Much love x

Carly M.

I have wasted so much money being promised "how to deal with _____" but NEVER getting the actual scripts, just a run around. Untill YOU Queen! Que romantic song! Now I am in love - with you and your work!💕💕


I just purchased your scripts ebook and it is terrific! Great value too! ❤️

Marcy W.

I utilized one of your scripts today! It helped take the anxiety out of having to put the wording together and eliminated the guilt. Thank you for the straightforward and professional prompts.


I purchased your copy + paste scripts this weekend and you are a LIFE SAVER! I’ve had the worst anxiety trying to rip the bandaid of menu updates and awkward conversations of price increases. By investing in your guidebook it’s given me the confidence to stand up for my business the way I should have been doing all along.

Jen @prowessbeauty.byjen

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