For when you want to say things like..."I own a salon, not a flea market. My prices aren't an opening offer." 

I'll translate those thoughts for you with my professionally written scripts. 

Protect What You've Built

Copy + Paste Scripts

 Never stress about how to hold up a boundary or end a client relationship again.

When you're empowered to see what's actually possible, you'll be ready to make some changes in your business.

  • I have your back with professionally written scripts that are kind, clear, firm and incredibly effective.
  • Just copy & paste from over 60+ different scripts or mix and match to create hundreds more. 
  • Hold up boundaries professionally
  • End client relationships that aren't sustainable for your business
  • Communicate 1:1 via text, email or dm with this powerful resource that's just a click away whenever you need it.

Price your services for profit.

Learn how to price your services to make sure you're hitting your profit goals and TAKING HOME good money, not just bringing it in to your business. 

Never be confused about this stuff again. 

Bookkeeping made SO easy.

Easy to fill out worksheets walk you throught the process.

The pricing and money guide deisgned for independent beauty professionals.

Show people how to do business with you.

Define Your Boundaries 

Velvet Rope Salon Policies

Once you see your money picture clearly, you'll have confidence creating policies that protect your your time, sanity & profit. 
  • Clearly Communicate Your Policies & Guidelines 
  • Save hours of your own time creating perfectly worded policies and have it done with a few clicks.
You don't have to prebook for months in advance to have a thriving and profitable business.
Create a scheudle that honors the different seasons of your year and life, no matter which one you're in.

The Lifestyle Schedule


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Mia - Curls By Mia

I've been a curl specialist for my entire career, almost 20 years now. I new I needed a refresh of sorts. Someone to help me with scripts about price increases, policies, and a better copy presentation on my website. I was grateful to find Jen. Not only is her podcast amazing but the glow up bundle I purchased has been life changing for me. I can now more confidently, efficiently, and kindly convey my policies with my clients. I've also been able to adjust my pricing accordingly to charge my worth. I needed to take the emotion out of my pricing. Thank you Jen! I am so grateful to have found you. 



Samantha Bolin

This ebook is the most simplified and easy to understand information about pricing that I’ve seen lately!! I had so many aha’s reading it and I finally feel CONFIDENT to raise my prices. I was seriously struggling with this because Instagram is so saturated with information on pricing right now. Thank you!!!! 

Ashley V.

I wanted to tell you how helpful your The Ultimate Guide, Easy Money and now the Velvet Rope Salon Prices have been for me! First off the Ultimate Guide scripts have changed my life especially not being able to come up with the words has always been a problem for me, so thank you for these guides! Easy money helped me realize how much I should be charging and how to go about it. I just recently got the Velvet Rope Prices and I’m so happy cause I had no idea how to word or what should be listed in my policies. Needless to say I don’t know what I’d do without these now that I have them! Jennifer thank you for always answering my questions and having great advice! 




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I have learned so much from you. I got two of your books and I raised my prices so that I could change my schedule to 3 days a week and one Saturday a month. I set business hours, I have studio hours and I’m still booked & I still get inquired about booking. 


I was scared I would lose my business and while some clients did fall off most of them stayed and even booked maintenance appointments for the remainder of the year. You’ve helped me have confidence in setting those boundaries and enforcing them. And let me tell you, not answering work related messages on my day off feels really good and it’s really helped my mental health.


Tracy W.

I just had to tell you that I was a bit apprehensive purchasing yet another “raise your prices” kind of bundle and having another let down, but I’ve been a fan of your podcast for some time and I had to see for myself. I am SOOO impressed with all of the goodies and content in your bundles! I love all of the break downs and the simplification, because when it comes to prices it feels so personal. The Scripts are super in depth, I love them, I had worked hard for years on boundaries and with the last year and a half somehow lost those boundaries Love Love LOVE! I have been using hourly pricing for a few years but have different hourly prices for each service and it’s super confusing so The Easy Money Workbook really helps fill in the gaps where I was having a hard time.  Thank You! Tracy at Salon Prism

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