Hairstylist Ai Photos Using Midjourney + Dall-E-2

May 24, 2023


AI, especially in the realm of image generation, can stir up quite the conversation in the beauty industry. And I totally get it! But here's the thing, it's already here. Instead of debating its existence, let's get comfy with it and learn how to navigate this new landscape. I'm all in for supporting you to understand it and, hey, even leverage these tools to enhance your business.

Now, let's chat about using AI like ChatGPT to boost your business. Whether it's sprucing up your copywriting, managing tasks, making sense of profit and loss sheets, or refining your branding, it's an entirely different ball game compared to text-to-image AI tech like Midjourney. And guess what? I'm here to walk you through it all, one step at a time.

I created the image below with this prompt:

I used Midjourney, which is accessible through and dall-e-2 which is accessible on a browser through

They are both text-to-picture artificial intelligence (AI), so you can create something that never even existed vs altering something in photoshop.


Now, here's the important part... copyright. With DALL-E 2, the creators get to keep the rights to the images they generate. But with Midjourney, the rules are a bit different - you can't claim exclusive rights to the images you create on the platform, or to others' creations.

And here's a recent update: The U.S. Copyright Office ruled that images created with Midjourney for a new comic book aren't protected by copyright law, which would also likely apply to images that were created in DALL-E-2. So, there you have it, friends - the AI world is fascinating, but let's navigate it wisely!


If people start creating images like this and can't actually do hair that looks like this, it's not going to end well for them.

However to use it to help generate ideas or inspiration, or use it for education, in my opinion, could be very interesting at least and potentially seriously disrupt education over the next several years. 

Again, this tech isn't going anywhere, so why not look for ways that it can help your business and the industry?

A lot of people that have the worst things to say have the most to lose if what they're selling can be replaced by Ai - which is absolutely a valid concern, but it's the same as a hairstylist who generates ai images of colors or cuts they don't have the skill to create - people are going to see through it and stop trusting them. 

I've seen this quote literally everywhere and it says "Ai won't take your job, but someone who understands how to use it will."


Open ai’s Dall-e 2 isn’t quite there yet (when I tested it). That doesn’t mean it won’t be on point in the very near future. However, Dall-E-2 did understand the prompt of "hairstylist taking a picture of a client with a dslr camera" when midjourney did not, the image quality was still sub-par and unusable. 




I was really impressed with Midjourney, some of the images I generated were pretty much undistinguishable from an actual photo, minus the typical ai blinders like weird hands, while some still had a “ai type feel” to them immediately.


I'll repeat - Guys, I’m not worried about this. I just want you to be aware of it and understand it’s out there and for all of us to put on our critical thinking caps and stay ahead of it.


There has been a rising tide of apprehension surrounding the advent of artificial intelligence, especially within the business coaching realm. This fear, often expressed in apocalyptic terms, followed by a sales pitch—inviting you to purchase a course or a smoke test to see if you’d be willing to pay for a course that could supposedly safeguard you from the very apocalypse they're predicting. I want you to have an open mindset because embracing a fearful and closed mindset isn't going to stop this technology or benefit you in any way.