Ai for Hairstylists: How ChatGPT's New Internet Access is Empowering Hairstylists

May 18, 2023

Chat Gpt Update:

Hairstylists: stay up to date on chat gpt - it can make your business and life so much easier!

Quick context:

Chat gpt 4 or gpt plus 

"Hey, my hairstyling superstars! Get ready to have your minds blown. 💇‍♀️💥 The shiny, new update to ChatGPT-Plus, brings a whole new level of magic to our world. Imagine having real-time web browsing capabilities right at your fingertips, along with seamless integration with over 70 cool third-party plugins - for example Expedia  to plan a trip and Instacart so you can plan meals, get recipes and shop in seconds, and many more all in one place! 🌐

✨ This is a total game changer, my friends. It means ChatGPT can now provide the freshest, up-to-the-minute info that we all need in the fast-paced world we live in - and give you more time to SLOW DOWN while it handles tasks for you.

How to access the web browsing feature on chat gpt.

You need to have a premium account (WELL worth the $20 a month)

✅ You can access these features in your ChatGPT profile by going to "Settings," and then navigating to the "Beta features" tab

✅ From there turn on plug ins a browsing


As a hairstylist or any beauty business professional a really quick and easy way to utilize this feature is to use this prompt:

1.Copy + paste the link to your google reviews (or any website that has reviews for you.

2. Enter this prompt into chat gpt plus with the browsing feature turned on

give me 5 social media content ideas based on the positive reviews on this page: [add your google business link or wherever your reviews are here].


Also, that's another reason why I STRONGLY recommend  asking all clients for google reviews because if they're reviewing you inside your scheduling app it's useless for your SEO  if they're only accessible inside the app- it's just a marketing tactic created by the apps but it's not really helping your business the way google reviews would. 



 Chat gpt prompts for creative entrepreneurs

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