Mercury in Retrograde: Navigating the Cosmic Chaos in Your Beauty Biz

Apr 30, 2023

ok, before you roll your eyes, trust me - I'm only even here writing this because not only did I see it in my own behind the chair business, but I can tell you when mercury is in retrograde without even checking, just by looking at my instagram dm's with people asking me for help with clients. i'm not even slightly exaggerating. 

Have you ever noticed that certain times of the year seem to bring a little extra chaos to your beauty business? Well, it could be due to Mercury in retrograde! Let's dive into what this cosmic event is, how it can impact us as beauty service providers, and how to keep our cool when things get a little out of whack. ✨

What is Mercury in Retrograde?

During Mercury in retrograde, the planet appears to move backward in the sky, causing some interesting side effects here on Earth. Communication, technology, and decision-making might feel a little wonky, but don't worry – we can navigate these cosmic waves together! 🌊


How Mercury in Retrograde Affects Beauty Service Providers:

1️⃣ Clear Communication: Double-check your appointment confirmations and make sure your clients understand their services and aftercare. Clarity is key and clear is kind 🔑

2️⃣ Tech Glitches: Keep calm and carry on if your booking system or payment processing acts up. Always have a backup plan, just in case! 💻

3️⃣ Decision-making: Offer guidance and patience for clients who feel a little indecisive. Help them make choices they'll love! 💕

4️⃣ Emotional Sensitivity: Practice empathy and active listening – we all need a little extra love during Mercury in retrograde. 💗


It's not an excuse for poor behavior....

Mercury in Retrograde Is Not an Excuse for Poor Behavior: While we should certainly be mindful of the effects of Mercury in retrograde, it's important to remember that it's not an excuse for people to act like jerks. Continue to honor your wellbeing and set healthy boundaries with your clients, even during this cosmic chaos. 🌙


I used to think this was a little bit crazy....

My Personal Mercury in Retrograde Experience: I'll admit, I used to think this whole Mercury in retrograde thing was a bit crazy. But time and time again, I've seen its impact at scale in my own business. My DMs blow up with fellow beauty professionals telling me about their clients acting next level extra during this time! 🤯


Just remember....

Mercury in retrograde might bring some cosmic chaos to our beauty businesses, but it also presents an opportunity to level up our communication and customer service skills. 🚀 Keep shining bright, my fellow beauty professionals, and let's ride these retrograde waves together! 🌊