The Chat Gpt iOS App & How It Can Help Creative Entrepreneurs

May 19, 2023

Finally. I'll say it ...FINALLY. I'm happy to eat my "chat gpt isn't an app" words now, that the official ios app from open ai has dropped. (an android app is reportedly coming soon)

You can access gpt 3.5 and plus subscribers can access gpt 4. 

Here are a few things I'm loving about this app as a creative entrepreneur. 

When you have a long list of tasks to accomplish, getting everything out of your brain and organized is a crucial step. 

You can use the voice prompt in the app to essentially brain dump everything on your to do list and then have it help you organize it into a cohesive task list.

As you begin to use the app you'll discover how to use it best in that capacity for your unique business and life, but here's an example of how i'm using it on the fly:


1. Give it a list of tasks & errands you need to accomplish during a day, along with everything else you need to do and ask it to structure your day give you the most efficient use of your time. 

2. Brain dump ideas: if you have an idea for something get it out into the app then you can copy + paste the organized list it returns into whatever platform you use to store this kind of information (for me it's notion). 

when you long press on a response that the app gives you another mini menu will come up so you can easily copy and drop the response wherever you want it to go. 

This is also good if you're using it to write social media captions on the fly!

You can dictate a rough version of what you'd like the caption to convey and then copy it and drop it right into Instagram or whatever platform you're using.